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You wouldn't think something as simple as the wrong leash or collar could cause behavioural issues and frustration in dogs, but the right equipment for the right situation makes all the difference.  Bungees, head halters, harnesses we have seen all kinds of dogs, equipment and issues.  That is why we asked ourselves: what is the ideal tool for our every day walk that is durable, easy to use, does not fabricate or create frustration in our client's dogs and which allows us to help them reach their training goals.  And so Little Leash Co was born. 

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Simple tools

thoughtfully designed

When it comes to the best tools for the job simple is often better than the over-complicated and unnecessarily complex.  All of our products are designed to make the function for which they are intended easier.

standard leashes and long lines
Slip leads and training aids
custom collars


Premium Material

We use only the finest clasps, closures and buckles and all of our designs are made using 100% authentic BioThaneĀ® webbing.  

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built tough with

your pup in mind

Our small 1/2" leashes have a break strength of 500lbs and the buckles has a load strength of 197kg.   We use 3 rivets as opposed to the standard two for every attachment.  

Our larger 3/4" leashes  have a break strength of 750lbs and the buckle has a load strength of 230kg.  We use 3 rivets as opposed to the standard two for every attachment.  

We can make collars in any size from 1/2" wide up to 1.5" wide.  We custom design each collar to ensure it is in a range of sizes appropriate to your pet.

We also hand-craft a variety of easy-on bungee and toggle closure e-collar straps that can be used with collars from either E-collar Technologies or Dogtra collars.  These collars ensure that they are never too loose or too tight, and are easy on hands and can be used by clients who may have decreased grip strength or dexterity for a variety of reasons.

stain resistant

100% Waterproof

All of our lines and leashes are fully sealed and 100% waterproof.  Tired of holding a wet line on a rainy day?  A bit of dirt after letting your line drag behind you for a training session?  Not a problem, a little soap and water will easily get you sorted out.


easy on the eyes

easier to handle

Our leashes are designed with large handles that are easy to grip and will not dig into the wrist or handle.  They are light-weight, sturdy and durable even under the heaviest use.  


Easy to clean

Pup had an accident on your long line while you were out training?  Not an issue for our leashes and lines.  A little soap and water will take care of most messes.  For more stubborn stains please reach out and we can recommend some options to take care of whatever is ailing you.


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Custom design

Did I mention

we train dogs

We designed all of our products because we had a need for functional high-quality supplies built to last without unnecessary features that get in the way or make our jobs harder.  We use all of our own products exclusively because we are proud of them, and we hope you are too.  And hey, if you are in need of a great dog trainer as well please check out our training website.  

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